SMC - Schmitz Management ConsultingUnternehmensberatung mit den Schwerpunkten Mergers & Acquisition, Human Ressources & PersonalvermittlungLizenzvermittlung & Lizenzmanagement und Franchise & Expansionsberatung

We offer Consulting with focus at Mergers & Acquisitions, Licence Placement / -Management, Franchise / Expansion, Human Ressources.


SMC Europe presents a independent network of  consultants with specific experience in their areas. The classic field of strategy consulting in the branches is one of our fields. Focus of our consulting porfolio are all areas of the M&A Business ( Share selling, Share buying, Corporate Finance ) and Licence Transfer/Management.

Our Unique Selling Point: Experienced and serious specialists in the specific areas of their branches and fields


Our Consulting Company combines specific Branch Know How with Special Science all over the business. The strategy consulting stops after presenting the strategy. SMC Europe is prepared to consult your operations in praxis and we will match our success on a powerful, successful implementation with practical methods and serious improvement

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions - SMC Schmitz Management Consulting

Sell sharing, buying of companies shares business investments, Management buy ins, Management buy outs, succession plans. Successful company transfers needs detailed know-how and high confidentialy.


Use our long term experience and advice for your project.


License Transfers

Lizenzen / Franchise - SMC Schmitz Management Consulting

international Licencing, Implementation and Roll-Out of Franchisesystems, Recruitment of Patents, Servitudes, Know How. 

We concentrate  25 years of Licence/Brand experience with international partners and excellent relation to all  relevant markets.

We represent important licensors by diversifikation and expansion in new markets.

Human Ressources

Human Ressources - SMC Schmitz Management Consulting

International Projects require specific demands to your team. We offer in the area of  human ressources classic consulting support as:

  • Team Analyse, Coaching, Training
  • Implementation of salary, benefit systems 
  • secondary growth concepts
  • Benchmarking

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